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He was a kid raised in a devout Christian home in the flatlands of the Midwest in Illinois, who connected early to his church family and found the music of the church positively fascinating.  Neil started singing the Gospel story in his teenage years.  His love for music and his commitment to the Lord Jesus merged into what would become a lifetime of traveling literally around the world singing and delivering the Good News.  From the early years of singing in his local home church to his becoming a member of The Couriers and relocating to Pennsylvania, Neil has enjoyed the journey of five decades that he has felt specially called to make. 


For someone to give half a century of his efforts to anything, it indicates that there is a motivation at work at the base of his very being.  At age 13, Neil said an eternal, unconditional "Yes" to the Holy Spirit of God who beckoned to his heart.  At that moment in a Gospel revival meeting he made a permanent commitment to follow the leading of the Lord in his life.  It has been a decision that he has never regretted.  So everything that he has done since has its foundation in that decision.


His first love in music is the grandiose hymns of the church.  Beyond these established classics Neil enjoys the all male quartet sound of Southern Gospel, jazz, big band, some country music and the popular romantic music of the 1940s war years.  Almost more than the actual sounds of music, Neil has become intrigued with of the art of writing lyrics.  He states, "We singers are basically storytellers.  And Christian singers tell the greatest story ever told.  As a singer and composer, I'm always looking for more effective ways to tell the great story."


Compared to the impressive accomplishments of some, not that much.  But he has given to the church over 50 Gospel songs.  His singing has been heard in person in all 50 United states, every Canadian province and over 60 nations of the world in missionary evangelism.  His life's work has taken him more than 3,000,000 land miles to 10,000 churches and he has sung to crowds of over 40,000 people and to just one person in a hospital room or nursing home.  He is the recipient of two Dove Awards for his best known composition, (The cross is my) "Statue Of Liberty", that has been sung by countless church choirs and itinerant professional singers of a myriad of genres.


After spending almost 50 years serving as lead singer and pianist for The Couriers, Neil is again singing with the guys who were his associates in music evangelism for most of those years.  Dave Kyllonen, Duane Nicholson and Neil have now reorganized as a singing ministry group under the name, "Dave, Duane & Neil." www.daveduaneandneil.com  Their former name, "The Couriers", is being used by their three young successors who embrace the original vision.  www.thecouriers.com  


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